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BROKEN TOYS-30 Years in the Making Live at the Gallo Center July 18th

BROKEN TOYS-30 Years in the Making Live at the Gallo Center July 18th

     Moving to a town that only had 8 exits off the Freeway(what kind of cultural wasteland was my parents moving us to) was a pretty big shock for a teenager from LA(and what classic 80 movie plots seemed to be all about.) What did this "hick town" have to offer to a Modernist Punk from the "Big City." I remember the first High School dance I attended the DJ had a list of bands not to play, no Bauhaus, no Cure, no Blondie, not even the B-52's. I noticed in a box a 7" a band that wasn't on the list The Dead Kennedys so I had him play Holiday in Cambodia(a small win for my rebellious soul.)  I was a stranger in a strange land being assaulted by Jocks and Cowboys for the clothes on my back and the way I wore my hair.

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Stockton police investigate brick beating and machete stabbing

Stockton police are investigating two different assaults that happened Sunday night. One involved a machete and another involved a brick, according to the Stockton police log.

The brick assault happened at 6:45 p.m. near Dr. M.L.K Boulevard and Center Street. According to police, a man was in the area when two suspects got out of their car and asked him if he was a "southerner."

The victim told police that the suspects were "Vicki's Town" and that the suspects went on to beat him with bricks and rocks. The two suspects fled in a silver Mercedes with the license plate SYFK778.

Suspect one was described as a Hispanic man in his 30s, about 5 feet 7 inches tall with tattoos covering his chest. He was skinny, had no shirt on and wore orange shorts, according to Stockton police.

Stockton Police Chief: This is the most difficult and challenging time for law enforcement

ID=27887401In a candid interview, Stockton Police Chief Eric Jones discussed what it's like to wear a police badge in today's society and the importance of breaking down the barrier between officers and their community members.

"I will say this is probably the most difficult and challenging time of law enforcement I've seen in my over two decades," said Jones. "It just shows all the more importance why we have to really work on building and maintaining community trust."

Building Community Trust

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Woman dies after being hit by vehicle in Stockton

A woman died of her injuries Friday night after she was hit by a vehicle in Stockton,

Stockton Police Department posted on their Facebook page.

The accident happened at 6:58 p.m. near Charter Way and Argonaut Street. The woman had been taken to a local hospital, but four hours later she died, the department said.

The driver cooperated with officers and it did not appear that alcohol was a factor, the department said in the post. The victim's name was not released.

New farm positions help ease valley unemployment rate

New farm positions help ease valley unemployment rate

STOCKTON – The unemployment rate continues to drop in the Central Valley. Merced County saw the biggest decline, dropping 1.1 percent from March to April, to 11.6 percent.

The San Joaquin County rate dropped to 8.8 percent in April from 9.4 percent in March while Stanislaus County’s rate dropped from 10.3 percent to 9.8 percent... Read More

Donation website has new fund for Stockton mayor

STOCKTON - The website "gofundme.com" has a spot for donations that would benefit Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva.

The fund was created after the Stockton City Council voted this week to approve a salary commission recommendation that the mayor's salary be cut by more than $32,000.

The couple starting the fund chooses to remain anonymous, but the leading contributor was happy to explain his participation.

"It's embarrassing to be part of a community that's bullying the mayor. I don't think anyone agrees they'd take a one-third pay cut from a job. We all complain when we get our check and the IRS has taken out a third," Ron Felton said. He's contributed $200 to the Silva fund.

Friday afternoon, the fund was still at $280 donated. The organizer stated a fund goal of $35,000.