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Employee from targeted Stockton bank recalls January robbery and car theft

STOCKTON - When a Stockton bank was robbed by three men last week who used an employee' SUV to escape, it was a sense of deja vu for a woman who worked at the bank when it was robbed last January. It was her car that was stolen for the getaway that day.

"The guy with the gun pointed it at us and said 'who has a car, who has an f-ing car'. I said I do," said the woman who won't allow her name, hometown, or picture to be used.

Police released a photo shortly after the January robbery of the Bank of the West in north Stockton. Now they're convinced the same man in the photo was also one of the robbers last week.

"They brought the security guy in and tied him up and put a gun to his head. They yelled 'put your f-ing hands up'," recalled the former employee. She couldn't continue working after the incident.

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WATCH: Stockton residents get 'Happy'

In the wake of a frightening shootout that left three people dead, some Stockton leaders have released a video that they hope will show the pride residents have in their city.

The Stockton Convention and Visitors Bureau on Saturday published on YouTube a version of the viral "Happy" video set in the city. It features residents dancing to the popular Pharrell Williams song in downtown Stockton as well as at the Asparagus Festival and in the Boggs Tract neighborhood.

The video was posted on the Visit Stockton Facebook page on Monday. It has since been shared more than 400 times.

$10,000 reward for 4th suspect in bank robbery shootout

Stockton police are asking for the public's help in tracking down a fourth suspect in the bank robbery and hostage situation that claimed the life of an innocent woman and two suspects.

Stockton Crime Stoppers announced Monday they will pay a cash reward of up to $10,000 that leads to the arrest of the remaining accomplice.

Investigators have been working around the clock to determine who dropped off the three gunman at the Bank of the West on July 16, before driving off.

"Right now, we have no suspect description of that driver. We don't know who it was," said Officer Joe Silva, public information officer for the Stockton Police Department. The fourth suspect has been a mystery to detectives – despite the department receiving dozens of tips a day following last week's brazen crime that left three people dead, two others injured and one man in jail.

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Stockton bank robbery and shootout suspect facing 35 charges

STOCKTON, Calif - The surviving suspect in last week's crime spree involving a bank robbery, hostage-taking and a shootout with police was in court Monday afternoon to hear 35 criminal charges against him.

Jaime Ramos, 19, faces three murder charges for the deaths of Misty Holt-Singh, and the other two suspects. He also faces 22 attempted murder charges reflecting the number of police officers who were targeted by gunfire.

Ramos may not have been solely responsible for all the crimes that happened last Wednesday, but as the only survivor he now faces all the charges.

"Everything that flowed from the bank robbery itself, you're all held responsible equally for every act," said San Joaquin County district attorney spokesperson Robert Himelblau.

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Stockton community comes together to remember Misty

STOCKTON - While Stockton police continue to investigate last week's deadly bank robbery shootout, the community is coming together to pay its respects to the victim.

41-year-old Misty Holt-Singh was killed during the violent ordeal. Over the weekend, memorial services for Holt-Singh were held throughout Stockton, uniting the city torn by tragedy.

"It's been a tremendous outpouring from everybody in the community. Stockton, Lodi, it's just been tremendous," said Bobby Spencer, pastor at Bear Creek Community Church in Lodi where funeral services for Holt-Singh will be held.

Holt-Singh and two bank employees were taken hostage during the violent ordeal on Wednesday. The victims were forced into an SUV at gunpoint by three men who then led police on a high-speed chase that culminated with three deaths.