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“Most Caffeinated Cities” list: where do we show up?

“Most Caffeinated Cities” list: where do we show up?

Drum roll please.....Stockton jumps in as no. 29 and Modesto at no. 42! Woo hoo! Take that Detroit, only coming in at no. 95.

The results are in and of course my competitive spirit is saying, "We should be number ONE!" But then it got me thinking, should we be proud of our caffeine addiction? Should we be consuming 3-4 shots of espresso in the morning? Why is coffee the only way to keep the migraines out of my life?

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Stockton city hall addresses unsolved homicides

STOCKTON, CA - South Stockton neighbors said for every murder there is revenge, and the only constant in the neighborhood is a seemingly endless cycle of violence.

"It's gangs. A lot of shootings. I don't like staying in front of my house anymore," a South Stockton woman said.

The resident didn't want to be identified because she fears gang retaliation.

"I don't know if we should stay inside or go somewhere else, but where would we go? It's every where," the woman said.

Stockton had seven deadly shootings in September. Police have not made arrests in any of those homicides.

RELATED STORY: Stockton police struggle for arrests in gang-related homicides

Stockton police struggle for arrests in gang-related homicides

STOCKTON, CA - Two different crime statistics are discouraging to both Stockton police and Mayor Ann Johnston.

There have been seven homicides in Stockton in the month of September and police have not been able to make a single arrest in those cases.

"It's been a bad month for homicides and crime," Johnston said.

Police spokesman officer Pete Smith said the investigation is running into hurdles because the homicides involve gangs.

"Unfortunately, in the gang life, not talking with police is more important than bringing those to justice," Smith said. "Eventually, we find people who get tired of this and the only thing that brings an end is their cooperation."

Smith said it's also a problem that potential witnesses are afraid to help, because of retaliation.

"Contact the Stockton Police Department. You can remain anonymous," Smith said. "Let's get that information to detectives and get people responsible off the street."

YMCA's 15th Annual Community Health Fair

YMCA's 15th Annual Community Health Fair

The YMCA of San Joaquin County will have their 15th Annual Community Health Fair on Saturday, October 1st.


It’ll be a great event for the entire family. Activities and resources for the kids, parents and individuals, centered around health and wellness. There will also be vision screenings, blood pressure readings, cholesterol checks, flu shots, insurance information and demonstrations.


“At the Y, we know that families struggle to find the time to incorporate dynamic activities and healthier habits into their daily routine,” says Mike Vann, YMCA Program Director. “We want the community to know that doing so doesn’t always require extra money. That’s why we, along with the partnership of other organizations, are excited to come together and share beneficial local resources with community members.”


The event will be held at St. Mark’s Church, 306 E. Clay Street from 10am-1 pm.

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Support our Troops! “Veterans Muddy Maul & Crawl” Sat., Oct. 8

Support our Troops! “Veterans Muddy Maul & Crawl” Sat., Oct. 8

Come support our troops at Delta College’s 2nd Annual Veterans Muddy Maul & Crawl, Sat., Oct. 8, 8:30 a.m., at Jessie’s Grove Winery, 1973 W. Turner Road in Lodi.

The Veterans Muddy Maul & Crawl benefits San Joaquin Delta College’s Boots to Books scholarship program. Boots to Books scholarships are awarded to Delta College veterans to assist with their educational expenses.

 Ready for a challenge?

The Muddy Maul & Crawl features a demanding two-mile scenic vineyard obstacle course. Nine different “boot camp” style obstacles are featured per mile, followed by a BIG mud pit final obstacle. Along with individual races, a five person Team Division will be available. The competition will be followed by a barbecue and awards ceremony.

Adults may register for this year’s Muddy Maul & Crawl for $50. Teams may register for $250.

Stumbled upon...Hubba Hubba Antique Store

Stumbled upon...Hubba Hubba Antique Store

Every time I hang out on the Miracle Mile, I walk by Hubba Hubba Antiques and think to myself, “I should check this out.” And there’s always a reason for me to prolong a quick visit, usually it’s because I have one or two of my kids with me and that’s just a disaster waiting to happen.

So one afternoon I decided to take a quick 15 minute look around. And boy did that quick look around turn into a 2 hour visit. It was great! It had a great array of antiques and vintage finds. The space wasn’t too clutter, which is hard to find in any antique store and it was clean.

Foodie Confessions: Evviva Is Amazing

Foodie Confessions: Evviva Is Amazing

Ever since moving back to Stockton from Los Angeles , I have been on a mission to find great local food. Plus my on-going obsession with Top Chef has turned me into a self-proclaimed food critic using words like, “texture,” “plate presentation,” and “foam” (a la Marcel.)

Today I had decided to check out a new restaurant that I had stumbled upon while walking around The Miracle Mile. It’s called Evviva and resides where the old Alder Market restaurant used to be.

As I walked in, I was impressed with the modern décor, an aesthetic that isn’t really common in Stockton restaurants. I immediately felt like I had entered into a big city restaurant. It was spacious and the bar area was dressed with deco color popping furniture and a gorgeous tiled fireplace (cannot wait to visit again during the colder months.)

The friendly hostess let us pick our seats and gave us our menus.