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2 lives claimed in 4 Stockton shootings Thursday

It was a violent Thursday in Stockton. Police are now investigating four shootings, two of which were fatal, that happened late in the afternoon and in the evening; it's unclear whether they are related.

South Grant Street, Seaport District

The first shooting happened in the 1500 block of South Grant Street around 3:20 p.m. The suspect attempted to steal a cell phone from the victim, age 23, while he was walking down the street. When the victim refused to give up the cell phone, the suspect shot him. The victim was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment and police have not issued an update on his condition.

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Stockton area housing market enters top 20

STOCKTON - Stockton and towns nearby were once described as ground zero for the foreclosure crisis. Seven years later, the Stockton area is the 20th hottest real estate market, according to Realtor.com.

Nowhere is the change more evident than in Lathrop. West of Interstate 5, the River Islands development includes a few hundred new homes, and 11,000 homes are planned for that spot during the next 25 years.

Once again, as in the 90s, it's former Bay Area residents driving the San Joaquin housing trend.

"Our (Fremont) condo, about 900 square feet, sold for $470,000. We bought this house (3 times the size) and had change left over," Marcella Welsh said.

"We wanted a new area and a new home, and we'll travel. Seems to be a nice area, and secure," said Jack Wentz, who moved to Lathrop from Pleasanton.

Financial Center Credit Union ranked 13th in nation

Financial Center Credit Union ranked 13th in nation

STOCKTON — DepositAccounts.com has ranked Stockton-based Financial Center Credit Union as the 13th healthiest credit unions in the United States, the credit union announced Tuesday.

Financial Center Credit Union is one of only 66 credit unions to be ranked in the top 200 two years in a row.

“It’s a true honor to see Financial Center topping this list,” said Financial Center Credit Union President and CEO Michael Duffy. “Our area has seen more than its fair share of difficulties due to fallout from the subprime mortgage crisis, but Financial Center has always stood strong thanks to the sound decisions that were made throughout the 2000s.”

Financial Center was also awarded DepositAccounts.com’s A+ rating. That rating is based on factors that include capitalization, deposit growth, and loan to reserve ratios... Read More

84-year-old man dies after crashing into four vehicles in Stockton

An 84-year-old man died unexpectedly Wednesday night after he crashed into four vehicles and was later brought into a Stockton hospital.

Stockton police posted on their Facebook page that at 5:21 p.m. the man collided his vehicle with four other vehicles at the intersection of Pershing and Alpine Avenues, causing his vehicle to overturn.

At the time, police didn't think the man had serious injuries, but he unexpectedly died at a nearby hospital, police said. Investigators are now following up to find the cause of the collisions.

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Thomas Downey High School Class of 1985 Reunion

Thomas Downey High School Class of 1985 Reunion

     I think that Summer is the time that many of us reflect on the past and all the good times(even more so than New Years.) In 1985 I graduated from Thomas Downey High School(yes I am a Duck) and for the next 3 months I was Free. At least until college started up. I remember helping paint my friend Phil's 1985 Nash Metropolitan, flames on the hood and going along the side panels and "the Love Machine" on the drivers side rear panel.  We then proceeded to cram way to many people into it so we could cruise McHenry and be a part of Graffiti USA. I remember going to concerts at Dazzles Underground and Oakwood Lake Resort. Hanging out and having fun with the best of friends. 30 Years have past and I am still friends with all th guys who crammed into that sub compact Nash Metro. Over the years I have lost touch with some of the friends I had made at Downey, I had moved away form Modesto like so many others only returning a few years back.

Ripon tops San Joaquin County water users

STOCKTON, Calif- Residents of Ripon are using more water per person, per day, than any other community in San Joaquin County.

The State Water Resources Control Board provides that information, and reports Ripon residents are using 162 gallons per person, per day. Manteca residents use 104 gallons, Stockton 91, and Tracy just 70 gallons per person, per day.

"We have larger lots here in Ripon than in most communities. But also, half our community isn't metered at this point," Public Works Director Ted Johnston said.

Johnston said since many residents pay a flat fee for water instead of by how much water they use, there's less incentive to save. He also said residents are facing tougher restrictions and there has been some savings.

Summer gas prices could be lowest since 2009

Summer gas prices could be lowest since 2009

MODESTO — Summer travelers can look forward to the lowest gas prices since 2009, AAA said Monday.

Nationally, the gas prices averaged $2.75 a gallon. While that’s the highest of the year so far, experts expect gas prices in the United States to drop soon because crude oil costs are stabilizing and refineries are finishing their season maintenance.

“This could be the year of the summer road trip with lower gas prices motivating millions of people to travel,” said AAA spokesman Avery Ash. “Many drivers are likely to save hundreds of dollars this summer as gas prices remain more affordable than in recent years.”

Local gas prices

In California, the average price of gas was $3.69 for a gallon of regular unleaded.

Modesto drivers saw gas prices drop to $3.38 for a gallon of regular unleaded, down from $3.45 a week ago and way down from $3.99 a year ago... Read More