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The Downtown Lodi harvest menu, and becoming the 2014 SIP SAVOR Wine Tasting Champion

The Downtown Lodi harvest menu, and becoming the 2014 SIP SAVOR Wine Tasting Champion


One of the two events taking place under the SIP SAVOR LODI Grand Tasting tent at Wine & Roses Hotel on Sunday, September 28, 2014 (1-4 PM) will be a double-blind tasting to determine 2014 Lodi Wine Tasting Champion... Read More

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Are Stockton loitering signs helping or hurting?


STOCKTON, Calif. - The city of Stockton has installed signs around the downtown off-ramps that are meant to discourage loitering and panhandling. Police can give people citations for not following the rules.

But an authority on Stockton homeless issues said the signs may be making the problem of street begging worse, not better.

"It actually perpetuates it. The poor don't have ways to pay the fine. They get fined, but there's no way to pay it. In some ways, it encourages panhandling," Edward Figueroa, the Director of St. Mary's Dining Room, said.

Stockton business owners frustrated by thefts

STOCKTON, Calif. - Stockton business owners are frustrated by an increase in metal thefts and a lack of response from police.

At St. Mark's Plaza along March Lane, pipes and valves have been removed in several spots. So have the metal cages that were installed to prevent those thefts.

"They probably get $20 and it costs us 6,000. It's frustrating. We're trying to keep jobs here and support families," Kelley Bestolarides with Bestolarides CPA said.

At one spot in the plaza, the locks have been taken but the cage is still there. Business people fully expect the cage and pipes underneath to be gone soon.

Stockton woman sentenced identity theft and credit application fraud

A Stockton woman accused of stealing identity and credit information in the mail to apply for unauthorized credit was sentenced to four and a half years in federal prison on Thursday.

Alisha Terese Rodriguez, 36, was convicted of credit application fraud, aggravated identity theft and being a felon in possession of a stolen firearm, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office, Eastern District of California.

Rodriguez charged more than $60,000 on the fraudulently-obtained credit lines and was ordered to pay $60,010 in restitution, U.S. Attormey spokesperson Lauren Horwood said.

Court records stated during warranted searches, investigators found evidence of Rodriguez's misdeeds for more than 300 victims. She was found to have paid monthly bills she racked up with the fraudulently-obtained credit lines with funds from the bank accounts of other victims.

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Stockton's #1 Choice for all of your Storage Needs!
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Reader Showcase // Hendrix Large Desk

Reader Showcase / Hendrix Large Desk

My second build from TDC!

Built From These Plans ... Read More

Man found shot at Stockton gas station dies at hospital

Stockton homicide detectives are investigating the circumstances surrounding the fatal shooting of a man found at a gas station Wednesday morning.

A release from the Stockton Police Department stated officers responded to the Valero gas station at Fresno Ave. and Charter Way around 1:54 a.m. and found a Hispanic man shot in the parking lot.

The man was transported to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead.

No information was provided on a possible suspect or motive for the shooting.