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Candidate posts videos on YouTube to explain Stockton bankruptcy | News

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Candidate posts videos on YouTube to explain Stockton bankruptcy

STOCKTON, CA - Stockton City Councilmember Kathy Miller posted four videos on YouTube to try and explain why she voted to push the city down the path of bankruptcy.

In the videos, Miller used images from the Monopoly board game to help make her point.

"How could this happen? There's no easy answer, no single villian," Miller explained at the beginning of the first video. "Instead a cast of characters played monopoly with our city's future.  They rolled the dice and they lost".

Miller said residents were so confused about the bankruptcy process, she made the video for educational purposes, but also for campaign reasons.

As the videos lay out her thoughts for what went wrong, she makes it clear she blames previous city managers for forcing bad decisions on city council members.

However Miller's opponent in November Randy Hatch said she's making the same mistake herself by following City Manager Bob Deis on the bankruptcy move.

"She is again, representing the city manager's views very well," Hatch said. "But where was her view, where was her analysis."

Hatch wouldn't say if he would have voted for or against bankruptcy. He finished about 25 points behind Miller in June and the two candidates face each other again in November.

By Tim Daly, tdaly@news10.net

Watch the videos below:


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