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Stockton PD: Man in custody for alleged sex abuse of three boys in 1990s

A man was taken into custody on an arrest warrant that alleged that he had sexually abused three boys between the ages of eight to 15-years-old, according to the Stockton Police Department.

Jerry Allums, 58, allegedly sexually abused the boys in the early 1990's in Stockton. Allums had recently been associated with churches in the Bay Area according to police.

Officer Joe Silva with the Stockton Police Department said that the victims recently came forward to report the alleged abuse.

Three arrested after tossing gun out of vehicle during Stockton chase

ID=26877995Three men were arrested Sunday after attempting to flee from Stockton police after police tried to stop them for a traffic violation. During the chase a loaded handgun was tossed out from the vehicle, Stockton police said.

Ernesto Barragan,18, Sergio Tejeda, 22, and James Allen, 19, were all arrested for weapons charges according to police.

Marble bench dedicated to Stockton bank robbery victim

STOCKTON - Misty Holt-Singh, the innocent victim of a shootout following a botched bank robbery in Stockton last summer, was honored with the dedication of a marble bench Friday evening.

"This tragedy touched everybody in Stockton and this is just a little way for everybody to heal," said Holt-Singh's husband Paul Singh, moments after the bench dedication.

Holt-Singh was taken hostage on July 16, 2014, as three robbers fled a north Stockton bank. The robbers led police on an hour-long car chase before their car was disabled. The suspects and police officers then got into a shootout -- Holt-Singh was hit 10 times as Stockton police fired 600 rounds at the suspects. The suspects allegedly used Holt-Singh as a human shield.

neighbors don't like big business planting almonds

STOCKTON - People living east of Oakdale, near the thousands of acres of new almond trees, have plenty to dislike.

They don't like that it's a Bay Area investment company, Trinitas Partners, doing the planting. They don't like that the land might be better suited for cattle grazing, and not almonds. They especially don't like how much water Trinitas Partners will need to make those trees profitable.

"It's damaging the people next to them. Our water isn't just here, our water is in the aquifer underneath going laterally," said Kathy Smith, who claims she needed a deeper well on her property, once Trinitas began planting and watering trees.

"We're taking water out faster than putting it in," Oakdale resident Bill Smith said. "If that doesn't change, only one thing can happen. California's going to run out of water."

Help identify this Stockton burglary suspect

A man was seen on surveillance video before entering a Stockton restaurant and taking about $4,000 in cash. The man is seen on video last month hanging out behind a business, near the trash bin.

Stockton police said this man got inside Angelina's Spaghetti House along Fremont Street on March 29 after hours, and made off with the cash.

The surveillance video was just released Wednesday as officers continue their investigation. Anyone with information is asked to call Stockton police at (209) 937-8377, the Investigations Unit at (209) 937-8323, or Crime Stoppers at (209) 946-0600. Callers can remain anonymous.

1 dead, 4 injured in Stockton fire truck collision

One person has died after a collision between a Stockton Fire Department truck and a sports utility vehicle in Stockton Tuesday morning.

The male victim was the passenger in the SUV. He was transported to an area hospital but did not survive his injuries, Stockton police said.

Stockton police look for ways to improve relations with community


STOCKTON, Calif. -- Leaders from the Stockton Police Department will be at the Capitol Tuesday to support AB1118. The bill stressed the importance of community relations with police.

It would require police departments in our state to complete a program that will help them communicate better with the public. Officials hoped that will improve cooperation, dialogue, and ultimately lead to a drop in crime.

The program was called "Procedural Justice and Police Legitimacy." The entire Stockton Police department completed the training. It took about one year.