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Stockton Muslim cleric sent to prison; deportation likely

SACRAMENTO, CA - The spiritual leader of Stockton's largest mosque was sentenced Thursday to one year and one day in federal prison, which will likely trigger deportation upon his release.

Saeed Ur Rahman, 47, imam of the Islamic Center of Stockton, was convicted last year on two felony counts of tax evasion for underreporting his income in 2004 and 2005 on the sale of two houses.

The US Attorney's office recommended a 15-month prison term based on a loss to the IRS of $47,000.

Tax evasion resulting in a loss to the government exceeding $10,000 or a prison sentence of one year or longer is considered an aggravated felony for immigration purposes.

Rahman is a Pakistani national and an aggraved felony  would trigger an expulsion hearing.

Boyfriend charged with killing girlfriend in Stockton court

STOCKTON, Calif. - A man was arraigned and formally charged with the murder of his girlfriend Friday afternoon.

Javier Sandoval, 30, is accused of murdering Ana Flores-Pineda, whose body was found Pleasanton inside of a trashcan in a wooded area off of Dublin Canyon Road on May 24.

After Stockton police filed a missing person's report on Flores-Pineda in June, Pleasanton and Stockton police worked together and were able to identify her remains. On Oct. 31, detectives arrested Sandoval in connection to Flores-Pineda's murder.

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Flores-Pineda's friends and coworkers said they knew something didn't add up when she didn't show up for work May 3.

Stockton home has unusually high water bill

STOCKTON, CA - One Terra Vista Lane home is drowning in debt over a giant water bill.

Homeowner Ron Lighten hopes his water meter is wrong. The meter reads that he uses more than 140,000 gallons of water each month. His plumber said that would be the equivalent of a leak in a 5-story apartment complex, not a single dwelling home.

On Monday, CalWater shut off the water at Lighten's home, which he rents to his daughter.

"[CalWater] unexpectedly and without notice, came and turned the water off and left a $1,200 bill at the house saying it needed to be paid," Lighten said.

This was not the first bizarre bill, though.

Lighten's daughter had lived in this house for two years, always using 13 to 16 units of water; it suddenly jumped to 186 units in July. That is equal to 140,000 gallons of water for one woman, in one month, at a home without a swimming pool.

Region’s unemployment rate falls again

Region’s unemployment rate falls again

For the second month in a row, unemployment in the Stockton and Modesto metropolitan areas has fallen, according to the California Employment Development Department. While both cities are still seeing jobless rates that are higher than the those in the U.S. and California, they area far lower than the highs of early 2011.


Vigil held in Stockton for Pakistani girl shot by Taliban

STOCKTON, CA - A vigil for a 14-year-old Pakistani girl shot by the Taliban drew more than 100 people to the Stockton waterfront Wednesday evening.

Malala Yousufzai was shot in the head in her hometown of Mingora, Pakistan on Oct. 9, when a man in a motorscooter fired into her schoolbus.

The Taliban have called her outspoken support of education and civil rights "an obscenity."

The 6:30 p.m. vigil at the Weber Point Events Center brought people of all backgrounds and ages.

For some at the vigil, Yousufzai's plight felt very personal.

"I actually grew up in that part of the country and I know how hard it is for girls to rise up to the occasion, to challenge the status quo and go and seek an education," said Dr. Asma Jafrid, a Stockton doctor born in Pakistan.

Pedestrian killed by train in Stockton

STOCKTON, CA - A pedestrian was struck and killed by a train on East Oak Street in Stockton Monday morning.

The incident was initially reported around 6:49 a.m.

The victim's identity and gender were not released.

Sheriff defends handling of remains in Linden well

STOCKTON, CA - San Joaquin County Sheriff Steve Moore said Friday he's not sure a mistake was made when remains pulled from a well near Linden were processed for identification.

Moore came under fire this week when a Chico State Forensic Anthropologist claimed the remains of a child were mixed with the remains of Joann Hobson, one of the victims positively identified from the Linden area well.

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Hobson was one of four people whose remains were located.  The burial site was located after convicted killer Wes Shermantine disclosed the location to bounty hunter Leonard Padilla. Shermantine and partner Loren Herzog went on a 15-year killing spree during the 80s and 90s.