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Powerball fever hits Sacramento

SACRAMENTO -  Starting Monday morning at 6 a.m., Sacramentans will have a shot at winning massive Powerball jackpots.

Lottery sales help boost business for local store owners like Ken Lo of Lichine's Liquor and Deli, which has a bit of a reputation when it comes to winning tickets.

"It's the luckiest place in Sacramento!" said Lichine's owner, Ken Lo.

People flock to Lichine's for a chance to win big playing the lottery. More than a handful of people have bought winning lottery tickets there, with three mega-jackpot winners coming from the store since 2000.

"I think it's really going to help, because our customers really want this game, they've been waiting a long time for this game, that's all they hear is 'big jackpot,'" said Lo.

California Lottery officials say the state sees a benefit from adding Powerball.

Oakley teen partners with gym to register organ donors

In-Shape Health Clubs, in partnership with California Transplant Donor Network, is backing the Ally5000, an effort spearheaded by a local teenager to register more than 5,000 people as organ and tissue donors.

At the event, In-Shape member and Oakley, Calif., resident Ally Jenkins, 18, will join fellow club members and the community in trying to log more than 5,000 miles running and walking. Several In-Shape clubs are joining the effort in April to register 5,000 new donors, and the Stockton-based chain wanted to focus on their hometown to drive awareness and registrations.

Jenkins received double lung transplant and when her body rejected them, she received second transplant.

FAA to delay 149 airport tower closures until June

WASHINGTON (AP) - The Obama administration is delaying the closing of 149 airport control towers until mid-June in order to deal with legal challenges.

The first 24 closures had been scheduled for Sunday.

The Federal Aviation Administration said Friday the closures will be delayed until June 15.

Trade groups representing companies that operate the towers under contract for FAA filed a lawsuit Thursday in federal court in Washington.

The agency says about 50 airport operators and communities have also indicated they may want to pay for operation of the towers themselves, and more time is needed to work out those details.

FAA has previously said the closures are necessary to accommodate automatic spending cuts.

Jay Leno goes after Stockton in monologue

STOCKTON, CA - As he prepares for an early exit from The Tonight Show to make room for Jimmy Fallon, Jay Leno fired off jokes at Stockton Wednesday night.

Leno used Stockton's bankruptcy to offer these gems:  "Stockton's so broke, Lindsey Lohan wouldn't shoplift there." And "Stockton's so broke, a North Korean missile would raise property values."

Attorney Gil Somera wasn't laughing.

"I don't find it funny.  I've been here all my life.  It has its problems,  but together we'll work hard, raise taxes and get more cops on the streets," said Somera.

Somera tried a bit of humor of his own.

"Jay Leno is so funny -  oh wait, he just lost his job," he said.


7 home renovations that offer the biggest bang for your buck

7 home renovations that offer the biggest bang for your buck

SACRAMENTO - A resurgent housing market has people feeling confident about putting money into their homes once again.

According to CNN, home renovation spending in 2012 hit the highest level in six years. But many homeowners considering upgrades are uncertain of where to invest.

While renovating any area of the home adds interior or exterior appeal, some renovations carry more weight with prospective buyers than others.

Ruth Dubach, a Sacramento home renovation consultant for 14 years, highlights seven areas on which to focus your time and budget for the best chance of a return on your investment:

Street poll: Stockton residents support tax increase

STOCKTON, CA - It wasn't scientific, but a poll of nearly 75 people in Stockton Wednesday showed 60 people supporting an increased sales tax for police, with just 13 rejecting the idea.

News10 drove to three different parts of the city during the noon hour and asked residents their view on the tax increase.

Mayor Anthony Silva's plan would increase the sales tax by 1.5-cent, which will allow the city to hire 100 more police officers. Residents could see the taxe hike on a ballot as Silva continues to campaign for the increase.

FACEBOOK: Do you support Silva's tax plan?

Stockton's Marshall Plan gets the go ahead

STOCKTON, Calif. A very long night for Stockton City Council members came to an end just after 2 a.m. Wednesday morning.

Following the previous day's lead topic of bankruptcy, the conversation shifted to a proposed sales tax increase and the Marshall Plan. 

Mayor Anthony Silva's two-pronged proposal for a sales tax increase would speculatively generate close to $18 million with the money going toward hiring as many as 100 police officers.

The first motion of the proposal, a plan to refer to a public safety committee for input, failed by a 3 - 4 vote.

The second element to approve a staff recommendation which was against the tax increase was approved 4 - 3.

The Marshall Plan, which suggests long-term solutions to Stockton's crime problem, as opposed to a short-term fix, was approved by a vote of 6 - 1. 

Silva was the lone dissenting vote.