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Flea market vendor shot in broad daylight

STOCKTON, CA - A jewelry vendor was shot and killed at a Stockton flea market Saturday morning, according to Stockton police detective Joe Silva. 

Witnesses on the scene said the man was backing up his truck full of jewelry on the 2500 block of El Dorado Street just after 8 a.m. They believed the man was shot in front of his family who were with him getting ready for the flea market. Several witnesses reported seeing four masked men with long guns surround the family and fire one shot.

Witnesses said the gunmen then took off in the victim's pick up truck. Investigators are processing the scene for fingerprints and do not yet have a proper description of the gunmen.

Stockton preps bankruptcy contingency plan

STOCKTON, CA - The Stockton City Council announced Wednesday that they will look at bankruptcy contingency plans after Wells Fargo seized the new city hall building.

The city paid $35 million to buy the 8-story building, but was not able to move in because of its money problems, and recently stopped making debt payments all together. This is the fourth building that was repossessed by Wells Fargo; the bank seized three city parking garages for the same reason.

At the June 5 Stockton City Council meeting, members will look at a contingency plan if mediation between the city and creditors failed, city spokesperson Connie Cochran said. For the past two months, the city, under AB 506, has been in a mediation process with creditors to come up with a payment plan in order to avoid bankruptcy.

Owner vows to find out who hurt her dog

STOCKTON, CA - The owner of the spaniel-chihuahua mix, whose name we now know is Dexter, spoke out about the cruel and abusive attack on her dog.

The Stockton Police Department said two people were seen attaching an explosive device, described as an M-80, to Shukriyyah Albaaqeersquo's dog.

The device exploded and injured Dexter, who the public nicknamed "Rocket."

Police responded to the incident near Townehome Drive and Bianchi Road. The dog was brought took a local veterinarian where he was treated.

The dog got out when Albaaqeersquo left the house to attend her son's 8th grade graduation. Albaaqeersquo said she was sick when she discovered Dexter was gone. A friend recognized Dexter on T.V. and alerted Albaaqeersquo.

Dexter is still in the hospital. Albaaqeersquo said she's worried about him because he's not eating and she doesn't know when he'll come home.

Navy veteran: A lesson to those who still drive and talk

STOCKTON, CA - A distracted driver nearly killed a Navy veteran who wants people to join News10's Great Hang-Up.

That February day in 2005 is still a vivid memory for Retired Navy vet, Michael Chin.

"It was 11:30pm when it actually happened. There was a full size blazer sitting at the corner, with a guy sitting on his cell phone. Next thing I know his car was meeting mine, right there at the other end of the intersection," said Chin.

Chin continued, "The airbags had blown and there was gun smoke in the air from the charges in the airbags. When he hit, he actually shifted the front end 6 inches to the left."

Luckily, Chin walked away from the accident with only minor bumps and bruises. After $12 thousand in repairs, he said his car was drivable again.

Chin said he wants his experience to be a lesson to those who still drive and talk.

Stockton bankruptcy mediation extended

STOCKTON, CA - Stockton's mediation process, required by AB 506 before a city files for bankruptcy, was extended another 30 days.

City spokesperson Connie Cochran said mediation participants, the city's creditors, agreed to extend negotiations through June 25.

"This is a good sign," Mayor Ann Johnston said. "It means that our creditors understand our fiscal circumstances and it indicates that they believe that it is worth the investment of time and resources to work toward a solution."

In late February, the Stockton City Council approved moving forward with the process to file for bankruptcy. Under AB 506, cities are required to meet with creditors in order to develop a repayment plan in order to avoid filing for bankruptcy. If a deal cannot be met, the city can then move ahead to file for bankruptcy.

Stockton police searching for missing at-risk man

STOCKTON, CA - Stockton Police are looking for a missing 78-year-old man who went missing Thursday morning.

Officer Joe Silva of the Stockton Police Dept. said Thomas Sanchez disappeared from 2155 California St. on Thursday at approximately 6:30 a.m.

Sanchez was described as an Hispanic man, 5'4" tall, weighing 120 pounds with brown eyes, gray hair and medium complexion.

Sanchez is considered at risk due to the fact he suffers from dementia, said Silva.

Anyone with information on Sanchez' whereabouts was encouraged to contact the Stockton Police Dept. at (209) 937-8323 or after hours (209)937-8245.

Police search for semi-truck homicide suspect

STOCKTON, CA -  Stockton police are looking for a semi truck driver who ran over and killed a man at the 3700 block of east Hammer Lane early Friday morning.

According to Stockton police, a city traffic camera at Hammer Lane and Holmes caught video of the semi-truck getting away.

Police said the driver was speeding with a man hanging from the truck's side, before the man fell off and the truck ran him over. The semi-truck driver then continued to flee the scene.

Detectives found a 28-year-old male victim with life-threatening injuries outside of the Burlington Coat Factory parking lot at 5:30 a.m. on Friday.

"A witness was able to tell our investigators that the driver of the semi-truck was actually stealing gas from the victim's pick up truck," Det. Joe Silva said.