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Jay Leno goes after Stockton in monologue

STOCKTON, CA - As he prepares for an early exit from The Tonight Show to make room for Jimmy Fallon, Jay Leno fired off jokes at Stockton Wednesday night.

Leno used Stockton's bankruptcy to offer these gems:  "Stockton's so broke, Lindsey Lohan wouldn't shoplift there." And "Stockton's so broke, a North Korean missile would raise property values."

Attorney Gil Somera wasn't laughing.

"I don't find it funny.  I've been here all my life.  It has its problems,  but together we'll work hard, raise taxes and get more cops on the streets," said Somera.

Somera tried a bit of humor of his own.

"Jay Leno is so funny -  oh wait, he just lost his job," he said.


7 home renovations that offer the biggest bang for your buck

7 home renovations that offer the biggest bang for your buck

SACRAMENTO - A resurgent housing market has people feeling confident about putting money into their homes once again.

According to CNN, home renovation spending in 2012 hit the highest level in six years. But many homeowners considering upgrades are uncertain of where to invest.

While renovating any area of the home adds interior or exterior appeal, some renovations carry more weight with prospective buyers than others.

Ruth Dubach, a Sacramento home renovation consultant for 14 years, highlights seven areas on which to focus your time and budget for the best chance of a return on your investment:

Street poll: Stockton residents support tax increase

STOCKTON, CA - It wasn't scientific, but a poll of nearly 75 people in Stockton Wednesday showed 60 people supporting an increased sales tax for police, with just 13 rejecting the idea.

News10 drove to three different parts of the city during the noon hour and asked residents their view on the tax increase.

Mayor Anthony Silva's plan would increase the sales tax by 1.5-cent, which will allow the city to hire 100 more police officers. Residents could see the taxe hike on a ballot as Silva continues to campaign for the increase.

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Stockton's Marshall Plan gets the go ahead

STOCKTON, Calif. A very long night for Stockton City Council members came to an end just after 2 a.m. Wednesday morning.

Following the previous day's lead topic of bankruptcy, the conversation shifted to a proposed sales tax increase and the Marshall Plan. 

Mayor Anthony Silva's two-pronged proposal for a sales tax increase would speculatively generate close to $18 million with the money going toward hiring as many as 100 police officers.

The first motion of the proposal, a plan to refer to a public safety committee for input, failed by a 3 - 4 vote.

The second element to approve a staff recommendation which was against the tax increase was approved 4 - 3.

The Marshall Plan, which suggests long-term solutions to Stockton's crime problem, as opposed to a short-term fix, was approved by a vote of 6 - 1. 

Silva was the lone dissenting vote.

US home prices rose in February by most in 7 years

US home prices rose in February by most in 7 years

WASHINGTON (AP) - U.S. home prices jumped in February by the largest amount in seven years, evidence that the housing recovery strengthened ahead of the all-important spring-buying season.

Home prices rose 10.2 percent in February compared with a year earlier, the biggest annual gain since March 2006.

Prices have now increased on an annual basis for 12 straight months, underscoring the recovery's steady momentum.

The gains were broad-based. Prices rose in 47 of 50 states and in all but four of the nation's 100 largest metro areas. Delaware, Alabama and Illinois were the only states to report price declines.

A measure of national prices also rose 0.5 percent in February from January. That's a solid increase during the winter months, when sales typically slow.

Stockton council gets along discussing crime plans

STOCKTON, CA - It was a much different Stockton City Council that tried to tackle two major anti-crime programs Tuesday night. Different in the sense council members and the mayor seemed willing to treat each other in far more civil tones.

The council listened to details of the Marshall Plan, a program that hopes to determine the roots of Stockton's crime problem and offer long-term solutions. 

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Later in the evening, the council was to hear an analysis of Mayor Anthony Silva's plan to raise sales tax to pay for 100 more police officers.

Because the two programs could conflict with each other, it wouldn't have been surprising to see council members continue the sniping that's tarnished previous meetings.

Stockton cyclist dies after being struck by vehicle

STOCKTON, Calif. - A bicyclist who incurred serious injuries when he was struck by a vehicle in Stockton Tuesday morning has died.

The cyclist was in the area of Arch Airport Road and Highway 99 at 9:47 a.m. when he was hit, said Officer Joe Silva with the Stockton Police Department.

Paramedics arrived and performed CPR on the man before transporting him to a nearby hospital in critical condition. Smith said the man later died from his injuries.

The name of the cyclist, who was in his 50s, has not been released.

The woman driving the vehicle remained at the scene, said Silva.

Police units were investigating the circumstances surrounding the collision.