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Stockton mayor takes anti-media stance

Stockton mayor takes anti-media stance

STOCKTON - Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva not only wasn't in the mood to discuss the issue of giving badges to his private security staff, he told two news agencies, including News10, he was finished doing interviews entirely.

Tuesday night it was learned Silva had personally paid for eight badges that resemble police badges. Silva said they're necessary when he visits rough neighborhoods.

Since Silva didn't return calls about the matter on Wednesday, a "key to the city" event Thursday offered News10 and The Stockton Record the opportunity to get more information from the mayor. The information wasn't forthcoming.

Detectives looking for information in innocent bystander slaying

Stockton police detectives believe a 21-year-old man shot dead a week ago Monday night was an innocent bystander.

Francisco Martinez was shot in the area of E. 8th and Scribner streets at about 7:30 p.m. on March 10. Police department spokesperson Officer Joe Silva said Martinez was transported to a a local hospital but did not survive his injuries.

Investigators think Martinez was not the intended target and was the victim of a stray bullet hitting him. Police released cellphone video that recorded audio of the gunshots.


2 arrested in Stockton burglary, kidnapping

SACRAMENTO – Two men were arrested Thursday morning as suspects in the kidnapping of one woman and burglary at her sister's motel room.

A release from the Stockton Police Department stated a woman was walking on Wilson Way at 1:43 a.m. when her sister's former pimp drove up, forced her into his vehicle and demanded she go with him to find her sister to collect a debt.

According to the release, the man drove to a motel on March Ln. where the sister was staying. The man kicked in the door, took the sister's belongings and then drove the victim to a motel on the 2500 block of Piccoli Rd.

Stockton police officer Joe Silva said an anonymous party who reported the incident provided police with the victim's phone number and officers contacted her.

College cops threatened because of response to man in military uniform

STOCKTON - Campus police at Delta College in Stockton said they've never experienced such anger after hearing more than a few anonymous phone calls of hatred and threats.

"We've been getting calls from callers, claiming they're former military, telling us to watch our backs, if they see us on the streets, to watch out," Delta Officer Jim Bock said.

It was last week when college cops arrested one of the two veterans who confronted a man on campus who was dressed head to toe in military clothing. Kristopher VIeira was allegedly so confrontational that he was charged with disturbing the peace and making threats. Vieira and the other man insisted the man was not in the military and was violating the law by dressing that way.

San Joaquin County district attorney candidate has troubled past

STOCKTON - After not returning phone calls from News10 for weeks, San Joaquin County district attorney candidate Gary Hickey was finally tracked down Monday morning leaving a downtown Stockton bar.

"Here's the reason: it's St. Patrick's Day and I'm politicking," Hickey said, adding he'd had just half a beer.

Hickey is a defense attorney. He's had several legal issues both in and out of the courtroom. Last August, he was charged with hit and run after crashing a car into a telephone pole and leaving the scene.

"Why does everyone want to talk about that? The D.A. office dismissed it," Hickey said, who pleaded no contest to the charge. If he pays restitution in May as scheduled, the case will then be considered dismissed.

U.S. Marshals make arrest in killing at Stockton's Constitution Park.

A teenager was arrested for the broad daylight murder of a Stockton man on Feb. 12.

According to The Stockton Record, the victim was 20-year-old Victor Miller. He was shot when Miller and his group got into an argument with several people who drove up to them at Constitution Park.

Stockton police Officer Joe Silva told the newspaper detectives determined it was a gang-related shooting.

Three other teens with Miller were also wounded.

The suspect arrested Tuesday was located by U.S. Marshals.

At-risk Stockton woman missing since Feb. 28

At-risk Stockton woman missing since Feb. 28

The Stockton Police Department is asking for information on any sightings of Beverly Brown who was last seen more than two and a half weeks ago.

Brown, 61, experiences mental confusion and may be lost, the police report said. She was last seen in downtown Stockton on Feb. 28. It is believed Brown never returned to her apartment and her family reported her missing.

Brown was described as black, 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighing 260 pounds. She has brown hair and brown eyes.

Anyone with information about Brown's whereabouts was urged to call the police department at (209) 937-7911.