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Stockton runner remembers Boston Marathon blasts

STOCKTON, Calif. - Janet Dial loves running so much that she seeks out marathons and other races in cities while on vacation.

"I think it's the peacefulness, and lots of time to reflect, the sense of accomplishment at the end," Dial explained. "I love the solitary for four hours."

But a year ago in Boston at the finish line of the marathon, there was no peace or time for reflection. Dial was about 100 yards from the explosions that killed three and injured nearly 300.

"I'd just crossed the finish line and was waving to my mom and dad and the bomb went off," Dial recalled. "I'll never forget the looks on their faces."

District attorney candidate charged with DUI

STOCKTON - Gary Hickey insists he's still running for district attorney in San Joaquin County, although his chances of winning probably just shrunk.

Hickey was arrested outside of his home just after 1 a.m. Friday when police suspected of him of driving under the influence of alcohol.

The arrest was less than a month after Hickey admitted to News10 he had been drinking during the morning on what appeared to be a work day for him. The interview took place just outside of a Stockton bar not far from the county courthouse.


Candidate defends himself on TV as he leaves bar

Father, girlfriend arrested in 2-year-old's murder

SACRAMENTO - The death of a little girl at an apartment on the 1600 block of East Eleventh Street in Stockton on Sunday has been ruled a homicide.

Thursday, the Stockton Police Department announced detectives arrested the 2-year-old's father, 27-year-old Dwight Slay, and his girlfriend, 30-year-old Latima Coleman for felony child abuse resulting in death.

How the child died had not been made public.

Neighbors said the child was named Tafarie. Neighbors reported the child appeared emaciated and she had bruises. One neighbor said she heard the girl cry and scream through a next-door wall and she call 911 and Child Protective Services numerous times.

Church volunteers combat sex trafficking in Stockton

STOCKTON - People in a Stockton community are trying to tackle a growing problem -- prostitution, a form of human sex trafficking.

Members of the Lifesong Church of Stockton walked the streets Wednesday evening hoping to help young women escape prostitution. Volunteers searched along Wilson Way, stopped by a number of motels and ended up on Sonora Street.

As part of an effort with International Justice Mission, an international non-profit organization that aims to protect the poor from violence, volunteers put together care packages that included toiletries and other supplies.

"We are giving them to lots of the girls who work the streets tonight and the reason why, a lot of them are being sold for sex," Lifesong Church Pastor Melanie Romero said. "We have a misconception: they are there because they want to be."

12 arrested in Stockton gang, crime sweep

SACRAMENTO - Raids at four Stockton locations Wednesday morning resulted in the arrest of 12 individuals the Stockton Police Department says are tied to the Sutter Street Crips gang and criminal activity.

The suspects' "criminal activity focused in the surrounding neighborhoods around California Street and Park Street, in particular 219 E. Park Street," police spokesperson Officer Joe Silva said.

Police Gang Violence Suppression Unit officers recorded recovering ammunition, narcotics and stolen property during the searches.

In connection to the Operation Ceasefire enforcement raids, California Department of Corrections officers searched inmate cells at San Quentin State Prison, Solano State Prison, and a home in the Los Angeles, Silva said.

Police investigating suspicious death of Stockton 2 year old

SACRAMENTO - Stockton police and Child Protective Services are investigating the suspicious death of a 2-year-old girl.

The girl was found dead at her home in the 1600 block of East Eleventh Street in Stockton on Sunday. Investigators still don't have a cause of death but neighbors say the toddler was tortured.

"She looked miserable, like a child that hated their life," said one neighbor who did not want to be identified.

People who knew the child say she was named Tafarie and was being raised by her father and his girlfriend. Several neighbors said they wouldn't see the girl play outside often because her parents would always keep her locked inside. But the last time they caught a glimpse of her, they said she looked emaciated. "All her ribs, spine, showing she had bruises from head to toe. Her hair was falling out," said one nearby resident.

Houseboats from New Melones landing in Stockton

STOCKTON - The Stockton waterfront is becoming a busier spot because of California's drought and the low water level at New Melones Reservoir.

The U.S Bureau of Reclamation has told boat owners they need to remove their boats from the reservoir. They have until the end of June to do that. So some boat owners, like Art Gardner of Pleasanton, are choosing the Stockton waterfront.

"This is our first day here and we'll make the best of it and hopefully, it equals to the lake," Gardner said.

Even Gardner is happy with the rates he's paying to dock in Stockton, $400 a month, he's not happy what it cost to transport his houseboat from New Melones to Stockton. That cost about $4,000.