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Who do you think you are? A free genealogy workshop for beginners

Saturday, March 23, from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., the Margaret Troke Branch Library will host an afternoon long program called “Who Do You

Think You Are?  A Free Genealogy Workshop for Beginners."   Volunteers

from the San Joaquin Genealogical Society will present useful information and insights to help you with your genealogy research!


In the afternoon session, genealogy experts will help individuals one-on-one trace their own ancestors through Internet resources.

Participants are asked to bring whatever data they have such as the birth, marriage, death dates of ancestors, where they lived, etc. 

Space is limited!  Those interested in attending this workshop must register for free at the Troke Branch Library Information Desk or call

(209) 937-8221.  Participants may bring their own laptops and use the Library’s free WiFi!

Source: Stockton-San Joaquin County Public Library

New Stockton Public Works director appointed

New Stockton Public Works director appointed

Stockton, CA  - Gordon MacKay, the interim and deputy director of the Public Works Department for the City of Stockton since December, 2001, has been selected as Stockton’s Public Works director, effective January 1, 2013.  Mr. MacKay has a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the University of British Columbia with an emphasis in water resource and municipal engineering.  He has 30 years of combined experience in infrastructure design and construction, traffic and transportation, and teaching and management experience. 

Champion of Stockton's Poor Passes Away

In many ways David Brewer has been considered the Mother Teresa of Stockton. He dedicated much of his life to the poor in this community through his service at St. Mary's Dining Room. This video tribute, produced in 2007 sheds some light on the man that was David Brewer.

New Delta College Trustee Claudia Moreno takes Oath of Office

New Delta College Trustee Claudia Moreno takes Oath of Office

With family and friends present, Delta College's newest trustee, Claudia Moreno, was sworn in at Delta’s Tuesday, Dec. 11 board meeting. The oath was administered by San Joaquin County Superior Court Judge, José Alva. Trustee Moreno replaces Mary Ann Cox, who chose not to run in the November 6th General Election.

Proposed House resolution honors jazz great Brubeck

Proposed House resolution honors jazz great Brubeck

A House resolution honoring jazz great Dave Brubeck has been introduced by a local congressman.

Rep. Jerry McNerney today introduced the resolution honoring Brubeck for his contribution to music.

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Stockton CA Athena Awards

Stockton CA Athena Awards
Their exemplary leadership & contribution make us proud!

Two women and an outstanding organization were honored on Nov. 15 at the 26th Annual Stockton Athena Awards luncheon.

Phyllis Grupe, described as a "community advocate, faith -based leader .... who has made a difference in the lives of countless women by support of many non-profits in San Joaquin County", USA was given the Athena Award fro 2012.

Stockton man breaks four skydiving Guiness World Records

Stockton man breaks four skydiving Guiness World Records

Stockton athlete Jhonathan Florez breaks four Guinness world records, in honor of Colombian soldiers wounded in combat.

On April 20 and 21, 2012, over the area of La Guajira in Colombia, Jhonathan Florez broke three world records in wingsuit flight. Florez jumped from more than seven miles high (37.265 Ft) with temperatures of -45 degrees to break the following records:

• Guinness World Record Longest total distance traveled while in freefall. Florez achieved 17.52 miles (the earlier record was 16.06 miles).

• Guinness World Record Greatest distance flown in a wing suit. Florez achieved

16.31 miles (the earlier record was 14.04 miles).

• Guinness World Record Longest freefall time. Florez flew for 9 minutes 6 seconds (the earlier record was 6 minutes).

• Guinness World Record Highest altitude wingsuit jump. Florez achieved 11,358 m (37,265 ft).